Top 5 Personal Finance Apps

As we all know, our monthly earnings are limited but our expenses are not. This is a very common problem with all of us. I want to drag your attention to manage your financial expenses or to make a balance between our earning and expenses. With the help of below mentioned Top 5 Personal Finance Apps, we can solve our problem in quick steps.

Money management is not an easy task. It is neither exciting nor easy. However, it is very important to keep a track of all your income, expenses and savings.

After reading this excellent post you will be able to manage your financial debts and profits.


We have many Personal Finance Apps in apps store (IOS or Android) that will take care of financial aspects.

Using below top 5 Personal Finance Apps you can easily manage your expenses, creating a budget, automatic bill payment and more. Let’s have a look – Top personal finance apps that will help you to achieve your financial goals.

Top 5 Personal Finance Apps

Mobills: Money Manager

With Mobills you can take control of your finances in a few minutes and have financial peace of mind every month.

Mobills is a budget planning app that allows you to create a custom monthly budget that will help you in taking control of your money. You are able to manage your money, track your spending, and achieve your financial goals all in one place.

Track your expenses and income

This app helps you to save your expenses and income reports. You can check all reports at any time.
Know where your money is spending
Leave diary, expense spreadsheets and download Mobills apps today. It will help you to save all your income and expenses in one box.

Budget Planner and Bill Reminder

You can easily plan your monthly budget. It is easy to customize your budget as per your family needs. You will also get your all bill reminders.

Credit card control and Create Your Personal Budget

Controlling a credit card is not an easy task. It helps us to make more shopping and make your wife happy. (Just joking) Speciously you can save a lot of money if you make your credit card budget.

Never miss a bill’s due date

You will be alerted every time a bill needs to be paid. Which allows you to take control of due dates, and gives you financial freedom.


  • Credit card manager
  • Financial goals and budgets
  • Customized graphs and reports
  • Advanced filters by bill, category, and tag
  • Cloud synchronization (you can use it online and offline)
  • Financial goals manager
  • Expenses with geolocation (location permission)
  • Store and save your receipts
  • Exporting and importing of EXCEL and PDF spreadsheets
  • Bill payment alerts (notification by email)
  • Monthly and annual cash flow graphs
  • Bill Reminder

Mobills is a FREE personal finance app with some limitations.
However, Premium Users have access to all the features described above.
Available on: Android / IOS


BankBazaar is the best Personal Finance app and a great option for people who are looking to manage their finances more seamlessly. The app works like a personal assistant and offers budget and money management features. In addition, it offers information on several products ranging from loans, insurance to credit cards.

Here are some of the features and functions of the BankBazaar App

BankBazaar is also a great option and it is similar to mobills. You can use it as personal finance assistance. It offers budget and money management features.
You can also view services like loans, insurance and credit cards etc.

Here are some features of the BankBazaar app

  • BankBazaar is dedicated to personal finance – At the same time, it manages your finances also.
  • You can view your last five transactions and check the bank balance.
  • The app shows your total balance, income, expenses so that you can manage better
  • You can track your EMI’s easily.
  • It will help you to apply for an instant loan, Credit Cards, Car Loan etc.
  • If you really love the banking sector. This app is for you. You will get updated news relevant to the finance sector.
  • Check your credit score for FREE.
  • Receive offers and discounts depending on your financial.
  • Get alerts for gold, petrol and diesel rates in major cities.
  • Simple and responsive app user interface.

Available on: Android/IOS

Cost: FREE

Money Lover: Budget Planner

I include Money Lover app in my top 5 personal finance apps list

You can use Money Lover to achieve your financial goals easily. It will manage income and expenses. This can plan a budget and control all your bank accounts.

You can also categorize your expenses like food, shopping, rent and so on.

Money Lover also helps you to get notified for your upcoming bill payments.

Available on: Android/iOS

Cost: FREE

Monefy – Money Manager

I am personally using the free version of Monefy app. But I recommend you to buy its pro version because in the free version you can only use dollar currency as well as you can not use monthly budget option.

You can easily set your expenses and saving. I like its user interface. First, you try it’s free version then go for pro.

Available on: Android/IOS

Cost: FREE/Paid

Money Manager Expense & Budget

Are you are going to use this app? So, first try above apps too. It is difficult to understand by a layman. If you know the account so this is the best app ever I found in the play store.

You can easily record your personal and business financial transactions, generate expenses reports. Also, it helps to view your daily, weekly and monthly financial data.

Applying double entry bookkeeping accounting system

You can track your complete incoming and outgoing money. It records your money processing. It will update all debts and profit into accounts.

Budget and expense management function

Money Manager shows your expenses and budget by a graph. It helps you to cross check the amount of your expense against your budget.

Credit / Debit Card management function

Entering a settlement date, you can see the payment amount and outstanding payment at the asset tab. You can arrange the automatic debit by simply connecting your debit card with your account.


Passcode helps you to secure your financial data with others. No one can see it without entering a passcode.

Transfer, direct debit and recurrence function

You can manage you a salary, insurance, term deposit and loan more easily by setting automatic transfer and recurrence.

Instant statistics

Based on the data entered, you can instantly see your expense by category and changes between each month. And you can see the change in your assets and income/expense indicated by a graph as.

Available on: Android/iOS

Cost: FREE/Paid

So, Above top 5 personal finance apps will help you to manage your financial goals easily.

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