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There is a lot of online methods that help you to make money easily. is one of the best ways that help you to make money.

You can earn passive income by following a few tips.

Today I am going to review India’s best website i.e. paisalive, that gives you money. Even you will get Rs. 99/- when you join this website.

Minimum Withdrawal

You can withdraw your payment via cheque after completing Rs.1000.

You can check your earning by clicking ‘My Earning’ in Left side menu after login dashboard.

How you earn money in PaisaLive

You will get daily (2 times) few emails in PaisaLive web portal. They might be ‘Cash Email’ or ‘Free Recharge Emails’. As shown in the below image.

Read the subject line of your email and perform an action as required. You can directly check how much amount you will get after successful completion of a task.

Referrals Program

There are different options to invite your friends to, use any option which is most suitable for you.

You can join by the above link, this helps me to earn Rs. 2 per referral.

Below are 10 Golden rules that help you to earn more money in PaisaLive –

Golden Rules:

Rule #1 – Just like you check your Gmail / Yahoo / Hotmail account every day, similarly, you should make it a habit to check your account every day.

PaisaLive pays you for every unique login in 24 hours.

Note: Some Paid Emails are time-sensitive – so you lose your money if you do not check the email in time…


Rule #2 – Invite as many friends as you can!

You get Paid for each friend that joins under you. The friend referral rate is Rs. 2.00 per friend referred.

Plus, your friend gets paid Rs. 99 just for joining. So, it’s a Win-Win situation for both of you!

For higher earnings, you must invite as many friends as you can.

We have listed some tips on how to invite friends on the Invite Page.

Rule #3 – Make sure you never miss a paid email!

Sometimes PaisaLive sends paid email to your normal email account also.

PaisaLive send all the paid email from Ensure that you add it to your address book / safe list so that you never miss any email that pays you money.

Since they have obtained your permission to send you promotional paid emails, click on Not Spam if you ever receive your email in SPAM / Bulk folder.

Rule #4 – Spread your Referrer Link & Earn More!

Spread your Referral Link (Can be obtained from Invite Page) to as many places as you can.

Some hints are:

  • Send it to your Friends Via Yahoo! Messenger/ Rediff Bol/ Gmail Chat
  • Promote your Referral Link in Orkut and Facebook Communities
  • Promote your Referral Link to all the contacts in your address book.

Rule #5 – Keep your Contact Details Up-to-date

You must ensure that your mobile number, email address and Postal address on our account is latest and up-to-date.

May useful for you

You can update your contact details from the “Edit Profile” option in the left sidebar.

They send your earnings cheque to the address in your account. If your address is wrong, they might courier your paycheque to a wrong address.

Rule #6 – More Active Members get More Paid Emails

This System is self-learning. It sends more Paid Emails to the members who are more active on and who participate in the promotions more often.

So, your active participation in pays you more!

Rule #7 – Keep Checking “My PaisaLive Inbox

On the left menu, throughout your control panel, you will find My PaisaLive Inbox. All the paid emails are received here only.

Check “My PaisaLive Inbox” multiple times a day. The more active you are, the more money you make!

 Rule #8 – Participate in the Promotions that are of interest to you!

If a promotion suits your interest, do not hesitate to participate in it. 

The earning capability and the number of paid emails depend upon the activity score. The higher your activity score, the better, and the more you earn!

Rule #9 – You can quickly make more money from Referrals.

Many of our members write to us to ask – “How can I quickly earn money from this website?”

Our answer is simple – more the number of friends you invite, faster you earn money from!

Rule #10 – Login to your PaisaLive Account Daily!

We can’t stress it enough!

You will make money from this system ONLY WHEN you frequently access this site.

So, remember the #1 Rule – You should log in to your account daily.

PaisaLive payment proof

You can directly check payment proofs from PaisaLive website. Here is the direct link

PaisaLive mobile recharge

You can recharge your mobile with PaisaLive earned amount. You receive 2 types of email as mentioned above – One is ‘cash email’ and other is ‘Free recharge emails’.

So, you can recharge your phone with ‘free recharge emails’.

Make your account on and earn money. Don’t forget to share your experience in the below comment section.

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