Best 5 Online job from home – No Investment to Earn Money

I am going to mention the best 5 online jobs from home that will help in improving your financial crisis. There is no investment of money and less investment of time is required. These best 5 online jobs will neither affect your studies if you are a student nor your job if you are an employee.

Earning online is very simple. You can earn money by following very simple steps and investing a little amount of time.

I have started this blog to provide the guidelines to the common people like me on using online jobs to make money from home.

  • We provide only best genuine online  jobs from home to make money online.
  • All the online jobs are Free and without Investment.

The only thing required is time and No Qualification, Experience or Technical Knowledge required for any online job.

Best 5 Online Jobs from home

Please devote some time to understand each and every online jobs given below so that it will be easy for you to start and make money online.

Click on ads to Earn Money

This is one of the best online jobs from home and also the easiest way to earn online money.

Advertisements always need a marketing platform and lots of companies spend a huge part of their turnover on advertising on these marketing platforms.

The advertisement is also the biggest business in the world. These objective of these advertisements are reaching to the common people like us.
And to achieve their objective they are even ready to pay for ads clicks.

There are a large number of websites available on the internet which are paying to click on and watching their ads but lots of them are fake.

I am mentioning some genuine PTC sites which I have tested and also using them to earning money.

Process is also very simple, after signup, you can login to these sites on regular basis and click on the ad links given in your account dashboard.

By Spending 10-20 mins daily on these sites you can earn a good income. The more you click on ads the more you will earn.

List of 5 Most Trusted PTC (Paid to Click) Sites-Online job from home


It’s very simple to join and work on ClixSense.

Here are the steps to signup on ClixSense-

First, click the ClixSense link and fill the signup form.

Online Jobs from Home- Clixsense

After signup, you will receive validation link in your email. Click the link to validate your account.

Then login to your ClixSense account with your username and password. After login complete the other details of your profile.

Read Complete ClixSense Tutorial (Beginner to Advance)

All PTC sites pay money through Payza. They transfer the money in your Payza account & you can then withdraw the money to your local saving bank account.

Creating account on Payza and requesting money from Payza is very simple.

You can get paid by reading ads and doing other activities on ClixSense.


Neobux is one of the best PTC sites available for both India and worldwide users. In NeoBux you will have several ways to earn money and you will get your payment instantly upon your request.

Neobux provides many ads to click and earn. They also provide premium packages where you can get more ads to click then the normal Neobux users.

Online Jobs from Home-Neobux

The amount you earn per click goes up to $0.02 and especially if you are from a tier 1 country it is not unlikely to earn $1 per day just from viewing ads.

NeoBux pays more than any other PTC site for these simple jobs, thus if you like this type of work, it would be advisable to complete them on NeoBux

How to Start on Neobux:

  • Click here to SignUp for Neobux
  • Completing Mini Jobs. NeoBux is one of the CrowdFlower’s third party channels and it is the most generous one.
  • Click on ads showing on your dashboard.
  • Completing for money Pollfish surveys you might find in your summary / overview page.
  • Completing offers for coins which can be converted to money.

Neobux also pays thru Payza. They transfer the money in your Payza account and you can then withdraw the money to your local saving bank account.


RebelPrize is also another best PTC site for all who are looking for genuine and trusted sites. You can earn in multiple ways from RebelPrize.

Use this link to join RebelPrize () and then click on the confirmation link that you will receive in your email address that you used to signup.

After login to the page you will be having multiple ways to earn money.

There is an Earn Tab on the website where you can check for multiple best earning offers and tasks.

There is a ’WIN’ section in the dashboard which gives you chance to win Raffles, Lucky Numbers or Contests.

You can also refer Rebel Prize  through your referral link provided in the ‘Invite’ section to make more money.


Paidverts is also a best option to earn money though it is not as old as NeoBux & ClixSense but its rapidly gaining the trust of one of high paid PTC sites. People are earning great income by working on Paidverts.

The Concept of PaidVerts is different than that of Neobux or ClixSense as in other PTC sites you earn by clicking on the very first ads that comes on your dashboard however in PaidVerts you need to click on first free 16 Bonus Ads Points (BAP) daily until you reach the total click of 100 BAP ads. After completing 100 BAP ads you will start receiving paid ads and their value depends on how much BAP you accumulate.

So try to get as much BAP as you can.

To Sign-up for PaidVerts click here.


InboxDollar is another best paid genuine and trusted site to get good earnings. There are lots of people who earn more than $100+ per month from this single website by working 5-10 minutes a day.

Best online jobs from home-inboxdollar

If you are from US & UK then you will get more surveys and offers.

There are many methods to earn from InboxDollars.People from US & UK can join InboxDollars ( from Here.

If you are from another country then focus only on ClixSense & Neobux.

So these are some best tested, trusted, genuine and top PTC Sites where you can join and earn money. These sites has got a good payment history with top rated feedback from their members.

Tips to earn more in PTC sites:

  1. Make it a habit to view all the ads daily at a fixed time.
  2. Do not make multiple accounts.
  3. Opt for a premium membership if you can.
  4. Refer as many people as you can using your referral link through email, Facebook, WhatsApp & other ways.

From all these sites, you can receive earning through PayPal, Payza, Payoneer, Skrill, Check & Other. Signup is free on all these sites. You can withdraw your earning to your local personal saving or current bank account directly.

All the above mentioned PTC sites are good source of income with very low investment of time and I am sure if you will work devotionally on these sites without using multiple accounts or without using and proxy links then you will surely get good income. Lots of people are working on it in a legitimate way and getting good income.

I will keep posting more detailed ways to earn from these sites and also will post methods how you can increase the number of ads and how to increase the amount you will get to click per ads, so please subscribe and bookmark my blog and keep reading

Soon I will post some more legitimate ways to earn money online

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