Full form of UPS, features and use

Full form of UPS is Uninterruptible Power Supply;

Either you work in any company or you have your own office, UPS is mandatory. It is used for power supply when your office/home supply cut off.

UPS is a hardware machine that has a battery (a group of batteries). It provides you back up for your computer, routers and other important running machines.

Many times, if you don’t have any UPS in your office and suddenly power cut off it harms your running hardware like running PCs, routers and other machines. A number of times, it causes windows or other system software failure due to unconditional power off.

We strongly recommend UPS for your home and offices.

Today, many UPS come with software that automatically saves your data and shut down your machines.  

Keep in mind, if you buy UPS consider the battery size. It depends on your office size means how many hardware machines do you want to run.

I think you understand full form of UPS; let understand the type and how it works?

We have 2 types of UPS system

Online UPS: It works similarly as an inverter. It has mainly two drawbacks one is it is more expensive and other it creates a lot of noise.

full form of UPS

Stand-by power system: It is a basic model of UPS that generally used in office machines like computer, router, etc. When power is cut off it switches to a battery in a few milliseconds. During this time, the computer is not receiving any power.

How UPS work?

Every UPS converts incoming AC to DC through a rectifier and converts it back with an inverter. Batteries or flywheels store energy to use in a utility failure.


A bypass circuit routes power around the rectifier and inverter, running the IT load on incoming utility or generator power.

While UPS systems are commonly called double-conversion, line-interactive and standby designs, these terms have been used inconsistently and manufacturers implement them differently: At least one system allows any of the three modes.

The International Electro-Technical Commission (IEC) adopted more technically descriptive terminology in IEC Std. 62040.

I hope that you understand the full form of UPS and its working model. Please share this post in your social media family and comment me below – if you have questions or suggestions.

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