What is a Computer? Its type, full form and features.

A Computer is an electronic device that can solve all arithmetic and logical operation. Computer word comes with its acronym called “compute” which means calculate.

Full form of computer

Many times, people ask about the full form of computer.
Generally, it has no full form. There is no full form of a computer but in layman’s term – it can be recognized as –
U=used for
E=educational and

If anyone asks for computer’s full form so you can use the above- mentioned terms. But keep in mind, the computer does not have any full form.

Other useful full forms

Let’s understand the types of computer and how does it work?

You can categorize computer in 3 different types-

  1. Digital computer
  2. Analog computer
  3. Hybrid computer

Digital Computer

A Digital computer is a computer that can be used to process digital data. A home PC or laptop that you are using in offices are examples of digital computer. You can’t process any analogue data.

Analog Computer

Analog computer is a system that can process any analogue data easily. Like weather casting machines, temperature sensors etc. these all are the analogue computers.

Hybrid Computer

It is a mixture of both analogue and digital computer. It can process both types of instructions/data easily. Basically, it is used in scientific research centres.

How a Computer Works?

When a user gives an instruction to the computer, it reads that instruction and sends it to CU (Control Unit). After checking instruction, CU gives commands to ALU (Arithmetic and logical unit) to perform an action against that instruction.

So above, I mentioned a full form of computer.

Let’s understand the computer generation of computer.

  1. First-generation computers: (1940-1956) based on Vacuum tubes.
  2. Second-generation computers: (1956-1963) based on Transistors
  3. Third-generation computers: (1964-1971) based on Integrated Circuits
  4. Fourth-generation computers: (1971- Present) Based on Microprocessors
  5. Fifth-generation computers: (Present and Beyond) based on Artificial Intelligence

Hope that you understand the full form of computer, its type and how it works? Please share and comment your queries in below comment section. You can also visit our Hindi Blog

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