BMP Full Form? What are BMP and feature

Let’s learn the BMP full form. It stands for Bit Map. It is the image format extension basically used in Ms-Paint and other image processing software. BMP format uses a raster graphics format for saving images. It is introduced by Microsoft.

BMP Stand for Bit Map (it is an image extension developed by Microsoft)

But now it is used by other applications too. It stores colour data in each pixel at the time of image processing and it does not compress any image.

As I already mentioned it does not compress any image so graphic quality appears very crisp and clear. As a result, it produces larger images as compared to other image extensions.

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The GIF and JPG both formats also use bitmap but they also include image compression algorithm so that these extensions reduce the file size.

This is the only reason JPG and GIF used in web.  

BMP full form

BMP Advantages:

  • Bitmap files may be easily created from existing pixel data stored in an array in memory.
  • Retrieving pixel data stored in a bitmap file may often be accomplished by using a set of coordinates that allows the data to be conceptualized as a grid.
  • Pixel values may be modified individually or as large groups by altering a palette if present.
  • Bitmap files may translate well to dot-format output devices such as CRTs and printers.

Bitmap files(BMP) have drawbacks:

  • They can be very large, particularly if the image contains a large number of colours. Data compression can shrink the size of pixel data, but the data must be expanded before it can be used, and this can slow down the reading and rendering process considerably. Also, the more complex a bitmap image (a large number of colours and minute detail), the less efficient the compression process will be.
  • They typically do not scale very well. Shrinking an image by decimation (throwing away pixels) can change the image in an unacceptable manner, as can expanding the image through pixel replication. Because of this, bitmap files must usually be printed at the resolution in which they were originally stored.

You can read more about JPEG :

BMP file is able to store two-dimensional digital images. It can process both monochrome and colour images.

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