3gp Full Form and Benefits of 3gp Extension

In this article, I am going to tell you the full form of 3gp (3GPP file format). I will also tell what is 3gp and what is its application or where do we use it.

3GP Full Form

Let’s start with the full form. 3GPP or 3GP full form is the 3rd Generation Partnership Project. It is a multimedia file saved in an audio and video container format which was developed under the 3rd Generation Partnership Project.

What is 3GP

The 3GPP or in short 3GP is a file format of multimedia data. The 3GP file format is saved in a video and audio format in combined form.

3GP is a format used on the 3G smartphones that support video capture and on some selected 2G and 4G smartphones.

Application of 3GP Format

  • It is used to store files in compressed form.
  • 3GP file takes less time in downloading but provides good video quality.
  • It also buffers fast on 3G internet connection on selected 3G phones with video capturing function.
  • The best feature of this file format 3GP is any video format like MP4, MKV, FLV or 4K  can be converted into 3GB.
  • The main purpose of inventing 3GP was to compress the video just like we use compress zip folder or WinZip file format for our document file compression.
  • Just take an example, 1GB of any MP4 video file format will be converted into a compressed space of 700MB in 3GP format.
  • If you are converting 4K video into 3GP then the clarity of the video will be good on mobile phones but if you want to see the same video on any 4K television, then you will not get the same quality as the quality ratio decreases with compression.
  • This 3GP file format also helps in wireless data sharing between two phones just because of its compressed forms.

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