RTO full form as per govt. of India

RTO is Regional Transport Office

The RTO full form is Regional Transport Office which is the authority which is responsible for all the legal vehicle documents to run the vehicle on the road.

Role of RTO

RTO handles a lot of documents verifications and registry of vehicles and issues a driving licence to both commercial and personal drivers.

RTO full form

RTO maintains data of all the drivers and vehicles be it commercial or personal, two-wheelers, three-wheelers or four-wheelers of those regions.

What RTO Offers

It also provides a passing certificate of the vehicle which proves that the vehicle is in proper condition to run on the road in terms of the machine conditions, pollution conditions and other conditions mentions under Motor Vehicle Act.

These RTOs are region wise and one RTO never maintains the data of other region vehicle’s data.

Neither one RTO issue passing certificate or driving licence to the driver or vehicle of different region and this is the reason the name of the department and RTO full form are Regional Transport Office.

The number of vehicles is also issued as per their RTO codes including the state code and code series.

All the documents or certificates provided by RTO are on a renewal basis and needs to be renewed as per their validity.

For example, driving licence get 20 years validity, commercial vehicle passing is valid for one year and so on.

Other short forms

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